Canan Bayraktar


1983 graduated from Middle East Technical University Faculty of Education. 1983-2007 she worked as a science teacher at the Ankara College (TED).

Her passion for painting began in the childhood and continued in the high school-college/university years with charcoal portrait, 1995 continuous education in drawing at AKM, then with Nüzhet İslimyeli, Sabri Akca, Orhan Gürel and Cezmi Orhan workshops.

After many years in all painting techniques, she focused extensively on watercolor techniques. She studied a large number of written and visual material related to the arts, visiting exhibitions and museums in the country and abroad and doing research.

The watercolor techniques with its in a fast, free, colorist working and the topic on women and music is the central issue of her painting. She considers art as a mean to stand against the destruction of the nature and of the beauty of human relationships. She believes, that art can provide love, equality, and freedom. She defines art as the melting point of emotions, reason and human values and must be "irregular with rules".

The book Meteksan contains 12 paintings.

1999 Bayraktar won the achievement award of the Art gallery Fedon Award She is member of BRHD (United Painters and Sculptors Association) and is a member of Watercolor Painters Group.

Her paintings are in national and international collections Se is working in his own studio.



Artist Statement


In my paintings, I use acrylic and watercolor techniques . Initially I form COLOR marks and LINES freely and spontaneously. It is the figurative abstract whose subject is women. Then patterns of lace and leaves are added.
The women in my paintings are nurtured with music, art,love, inviting the sharing of beauty, recovering the world,
they may be sad but strong and independent women...
Women who live with the healing power of art...
I think I tell my dreams, my longings, my love and my passion for art, wanting to sing songs and also the diffuculties in life through these women .
And the contrasts in life are like in paintings... black and white... of course sometimes grey...
Lace and multi-storied buildings in my works express the contradictions of life.The lace may represent the positive concepts such as love, beauty and freedom. The buildings represent the exact opposite.
Love, freedom, equality, justice, simplicity, sincerity and other nice values can have more meaning and can increase through the medium of art. If we understand our similar feelings, if we respect our different ideas, if we develop ourselves to reach a common solution, then we can sing COLORFUL SONGS all together in a world where everyone shares this beauty.

Personal Exhibitions


1998 Emrali Sanat Galerisi – Ankara
2001 Denta Form Sanat Galerisi – Ankara
2002 Abdullah Efendi Konağı – Altınoluk-Balıkesir
2003 TED Sanat Galerisi - Ankara
2004 Atakule  Vakıfbank Sanat Galerisi - Ankara ''Kanatlı Dostlar''
2008 Çağdaş Sanatlar- Ankara
2010 Batı Birlik Sanat Galerisi - Ankara ''İnsan İnsana İnsanca...''
2012 RC Art Gallery -  Bilkent-Ankara
2013 Mustafa Ayaz Müzesi - Ankara ''Renkli Şarkılar''
2015 Fun and Art Sanat Galerisi - Ankara ''Renkli Şarkılar II''
2015 Next Level Sanat Merkezi - Ankara
2016-İsmail Altınok Sanat Merkezi - Ankara ''Aslolan Hayattır''



Participation in some mixed exhibitions


1998 Akbank Sanat Galerisi-Ankara
1998 Ankara Valiliği Özel İdare Müdürlüğü Sanat Galerisi-Ankara
1998 Devlet Resim Heykel Müzesi-Ankara
1999 Fedo Sanat Galerisi
1999 Kültür Bakanlığı 75.Yıl Sanat Galerisi
2000 Sevgi Sanat Galerisi
2001 İzmir Resim ve Heykel Müzesi
2001 TED Sanat Galerisi
2002 ODTÜ Kültür Sanat Merkezi
2002 Milli Piyango Sanat Galerisi
2002 Antalya 1. Resim Festivali
2003 Milli Kütüphane – Gesam üyesi sanatçılar  Karma Resim Sergisi
2003 Toyan Sanat Galerisi- Suluboya Ressamları Grubu
2005 Devlet  Güzel Sanatlar- TİSVA- Uluslar arası  Türkiye  Grameen Mikrokredi Sanat Bianeli -  “Dünyadaki Yoksullukla Mücadele”    konulu resim sergisi
2006 Ürün Sanat Galerisi (Suluboya Ressamları Grubu)
2007 Ürün Sanat Galerisi (Suluboya Ressamları Grubu)
2009 Medya Sanat Galerisi (Suluboya Ressamları Grubu)
2010 Resim Heykel Müzesi - Ankara (Suluboya Ressamları Grubu)
2011 Alta Sanat Galerisi - İstanbul (Suluboya Ressamları Grubu)
2012 Ege Art  Cepa - Ankara
2012 Türk  Amerikan Derneği Sanat Galerisi - Ankara
2014 VakıfBank Sanat Galerisi - Ankara
2014 Türk- Japon Vakfı - Ankara
2015 BRHD-Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi - Ankara
2016 Emin Antik Sanat Galerisi-suluboya karması - Ankara
2016 Emin Antik Sanat Galerisi -Dünya Kadınlar Günü - Ankara
2016 İsmail Altınok Sanat Merkezi - Ankara
2016 BRHD- Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi - Ankara